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HD DVR 720p dashcam (battery)

Here is some information on the battery used in the HD DVR 720p (DVR-007) dashcam. After 5 years the battery in my dashcam finally died
and the camera refused to turn on. The cold in the winter and heat in the summer caused the battery to swell up pretty badly.

NOTE: There are other similar looking cameras which have an easily replaceable battery (Nokia BL-5C).

I opened the dashcam and cut the battery wires to get the battery out (the wires are soldered onto the PCB). I unwrapped
the battery and managed to "decode" the model/type number from the numbers printed on the battery body.

It is a 3.7V type LP363048A battery (also referred to as LP363048 or simply 363048). I am not sure about the capacity though.
The number 363048 stands for the dimensions of the battery:
Thickness: 3.6 mm
Width: 30 mm
Length: 48 mm

You need a replacement battery with the exact same (or lower) dimensions or it won't fit under the "cover". The speaker
clip and the mounting thread/nut are exactly 30 mm apart and the battery sits between them with maybe 0,5 mm of clearance.

Battery type "363048" is hard to find but type "043040" seems to be more common online (for example on eBay). These have a
capacity of around 400 mAh to 500 mAh. I managed to find a type "393048" (3.7V, 600 mAh) battery which is almost the
same as the original, at least dimension-wise.

Instruction Manual (version 1) (JPG)
Instruction Manual (version 2) (PDF)

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